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This page is being dedicated to, probably, the most popular deer from this area in recent history. He was sought after by photographers, deer watchers and shed hunters. Many blog comments, emails and phone calls started off with "Where is Goldie" His images graced the pages of weekly papers and monthly magazines.  

Goldie became "famous" because he held "court" in an accessible area. With an impressive rack with long brow tines and a golden hue to his well groomed coat, he was easily identifiable. In my opinion he acted and portrayed himself as the king. He was aloof and not overly friendly to humans and with limits he would tolerate our intrusions into his space. 

I have logged in 50 plus years in the "deer stand" and up to this time did not witness a real fight between two bucks. Witnessed a number of sparring matches that a person could classify as a fight, that is until you see the real thing. Looking at these images I remember an old country song by Johnny Cash " A Boy Named Sue". With the exception of the 'beer" all the elements of a bar room brawl came into play in this contest of which animal won the attention of the shy doe standing in the background. I hope you enjoy this video as much as we did watching and putting it together. Turn on your speakers and enjoy. For now Dan & Mary                                                                                                        
Buck Fight Video
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Extreme Battle of Minnesota Whitetails
Whitetail bucks battle it out for the right to dominate the island. Goldie, a five year old buck, remained the dominate buck on the island for the entire 2009 breeding season. He was on track for a re...

11-18-10 We have been following the deer on the island since 2003 and every year a big buck takes over and rules supreme. In 2009 Goldie held that position, other bucks came and were chased off. Early in the rut this year he reestablished himself as king of the island.
This year, once again other bucks came and he ran them off.
That is until 8:27 Nov 18th, a buck we call Dominater/Prince slammed into Goldie and after about 10 minutes of crashing, grunting, and just general mayhem, Prince ran Goldie off. "He beat Goldie"
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Last of the Mohicans
The Panflute by Runa Pacha
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